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Yuri's Revenge Singleplayer Maps
Multiplayer Maps | Single Player Maps
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Yuri Mission. Find and Destroy the Chrono Sphere and Iron Curtain.
Author: Tucker Kao
Size: 115 KB
Allied Mission. Drive your engineers to retake a critical Robot Tank production facility from soviets
Author: Concolor1
Size: 271 KB
Allied Mission. Get Tanya to rescue the scientists and erradicate Yuri from the area
Author: Concolor1
Size: 292 KB
Soviet Mission. "Kill everything" type of map, but still pretty fun.
Author: FlyingZ
Size: 56 KB
Allied Mission. Get Tanya across the highways in less than three tries
Author: FlyingZ
Size: 161 KB
Yuri Mission. Destroy Russia's Portal experiments before they become successful.
Author: FlyingZ
Size: 206 KB
Allied Mission. Rescue our allies and protect them from The Westwood Gang
Author: FlyingZ
Size: 243 KB
2-Missions Pack, Allied & Soviet Missions. Rescue the captured bases (1) and kill Yuri forces (2)
Author: FlyingZ
Size: 293 KB
Allied Mission. Stop the destruction of the forest & seek revenge!
Author: FlyingZ
Size: 202 KB
Allied Mission. A scripted skirmish with 4 AIs
Author: FlyingZ
Size: 88 KB
Allied Mission. Sabotage the Russian cloak regulator & Destroy three Cloak Research Labs
Author: FlyingZ
Size: 270 KB
Yuri Mission. Use the time machine to go back in time and save your master´s plans!
Author: Concolor1
Size: 267 KB
Yuri Mission. Controlling Professor Einstein will be the key for sucess in yuri´s plans.
Author: Concolor1
Size: 202 KB
Allied Mission. Capture one of the psychic amplifiers.
Author: FlyingZ
Size: 224 KB
Possibly the most challenging allied campaign ever made. 7 mod mission maps with extremely detailed scenarios, new units, loading screens, and more!. Episode 2 of AlertX Sagas. -- FAQ --
Author: ArgCmdr
Size: 2.56 MB
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