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RA2 Missions Argentina -English-

How to simulate two teams are one
Submitted by ArgCmdr

Many times, in mission maps, the author includes Tanya, Boris or Yuri Prime. However, sometimes its not the only unit given. When you want to give the player a hero, plus a small squad, its ridiculous to put both of them in separate transports. This tutorial will explain how to spawn all the units in a certain way so they look like one team while they are two.

First of all create the task forces:

Taskforce 1:
Name: Amp + Squad
Units: 1 Amphibious Transport (LCRF), 4 GIs (GI)

Tasforce 2: Tanya
Units: 1 Tanya (TANY)

Then the scripts:
Letīs suppose that the transport is spawned in waypoint 10, and goes to waypoint 11 to deploy.

Script 1:
Move To Waypoint, 11
Guard Area, 2
Unload Passengers, Keep Units Lose Transports
Guard Area, 10
Flash, 30

(This will make the transport move to waypoint 11, wait for two time units, unload the passengers, make them guard the area for 10 time units and make them flash afterwards)

Script 2:
Move To Waypoint, 12 (placed one cell near 11, near where the amphibious transport stops)
Flash, 30

(This will make Tanya go to a waypoint and flash)

Teams afterwards:
Team 1: Squad + Amp
For this one, the full tag must be checked, and it should point to Script 1 and Taskforce 1. Waypoint should be 10, and Owner should be players house (exception will be written in the end)

Team 2: Tanya
Waypoint should be 11 (Yes, the same one where the transport stops), and it should point to script 2 and taskforce 2

Now the triggers:

Trigger 1:
Owner: Owner Of Team 1
Event: The one you desire, which will make the team 1 spawn
Action: 80- Reinforcements, Team 1, Waypoint 10
Rest of actions might be those you believe correct, speechs saying 21- EVA_ReinforcementsHaveArrived, or 11- Text triggers. But include Action 53 in the end, pointing to Trigger 2.

Trigger 2:
Owner: Owner Of Team 2
Disabled: Yes
Event: Entered By <house of the player> (Place one celltag, and only one, in the same cell where waypoint 11 exists)
Actions: 53- Enable Trigger 3

Trigger 3:
Owner: Owner Of Team 2
Disabled: Yes
Event: 13- Elapsed Time, 3
Actions: 80- Reinforcements, Team 2
19- Play Sound Effect, ExitTransport

This will cause the following effect:
team 1 will enter the battlefield and move to 11. When it enters 11, Trigger 12 will fire and will enable Trigger 3, which will fire 3 time units after wards, when the first GI goes out of the transport. It will let Tanya out of the transport and at the same time play a sound to give more impression of Tanya coming out of the transport.

One thing is, both owners of the teams should either be the same house or allies, NEVER enemies, since the transport would crash the spawned unit. This simply creates a unit over another one playing a sound, so it looks like it is also coming for the transport. Its also handy whenever a unit is critical and needs to be in a separate teamtype so a trigger upon its death is correctly fired.

You can as well make both teams owned by an allie of the player so the player doesnt have control over them since the beginning. Enough is making the troggers owned by that allie, as well as the teams, and adding a Change House, <player house> line in the end of both scripts.

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