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How to make transports return
Submitted by ArgCmdr

Whenever you deliver troops in the battlefield, you sometimes create a teamtype, consisting of infantry and a transport. This transport is useless for the remainder of the map, and keeping it in player control can cause the player to have an easier way revealing the map or using it as flak. This tutorial will show you how to make the transport go out of the map after it lays the troops.

10, where transport will disembark or lay passengers
11, where transport is gonna return

First of all, taskforces:

Taskforce 1: 1 Nighthawk Transport (SHAD), 3 SEALs (GHOST)
Taskforce 2: 1 Nighthawk Transport (SHAD)


Script 1:
Move to waypoint 10,
Unload, Keep Passengers, Lose Transports
Guard Area, 10
Flash, 20
Change House, Player

(Nighthawk will go to W10, will unload units, and units will stay a while in guard, deploy, and flash)

Script 2:
Change House, JP
Move to waypoint 11
Self destruct

(Nighthawk will go to W11 (which will be off the visible map area, but before it will be made owned by JP, which although it should be allied to the player, will not reveal the map. Then itll self destruct outside of players visible area)


Team 1, should be created at a waypoint off the map (It can even be 11 itself), Owned by an ally of Player. Then pointing to Taskforce 1 and Script 1

Team 2, Owned by owner of Team 1, no waypoint, no autocreate tag. Points to Taskforce 2 and Script 2.

Lets now stop and see what we will do. We will create a team, which will go to 10. After a while, it will return, but only the transport will.

Owner: Owner of Heli Teams
Trigger 1:
Event: Anyone which will fire the trigger
Action: 80- Reinforce, team 1, 10.
Rest of actions at your wish, text triggers, sounds...
53- Enable Trigger 2

Trigger 2:
Owner: Owner of Heli Teams
Disabled: Yes
Event: 59- Entered or Overflown by (owner of the heli) (Celltag placed in W10)
Action: 53 Enable, Trigger 3

Trigger 3:
Owner: Owner of Heli Teams
Disabled: Yes
Event: 13- Elapsed Time, 10
Actions: 4- Create Team, Team 2

This will create a team which will go to waypoint 10, deploy, leave passengers, which will deploy, flash, and be given to the player. Then the helicopter will leave, without revealing terrain, and destroying itself out of the map.

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