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Changing Tiberium color [TS ONLY]
Submitted by ArgCmdr

Nothing has been asked so much times yet been so easy in the history of C&C modding. Alright, im exagerating. Anyway, heres the deal:

Open up rules.ini

Search for the entries "Riparius" (Green Tib) and "Vinifera" or "Aboreus"(Blue)

Youll notice theres a line called Color= that calls for NeonGreen and NeonBlue. In order to change the color, all you need is substitute the parameter by anything defined in the [Colors] array (use the search function in wordpad and youll find it), or, re-define the value for the colors (seek fr NeonGreen= or NeonBlue= and change the parameter. Remember theyre HSV, Hue, Saturation, Value -close definition to Hue Saturation Lightness. If you dont have these kind of codes in your head, try get the values from a graphics editor, like Paint Shop Pro).

Once youve done the changes, save the file, and add it to your game.

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