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Building Cameos
Packs | Buildings | Armored | Infantry
More cameos from BF1942: Tiger, Panzer, Sherman. Notice the Stuka in the pic, pack is called Tank anyway
Size:3 KB

Some RA2 style cameos for Nod TS Structures.
Size:12 KB

TD Structure cameos in RA2 format.
Author: MMk4C01
Size:152 KB

Self explanatory.. right?
Size:5 KB

A cameo for a bunker, innovating style.

Author: Tratos
Size:6 KB

Really graphical icon for a Gap Generator.

Author: Tratos
Size:5 KB

Nice icon for the Tech Hospital.

Author: BobingAbout
Size:8 KB

Two new cameos (not the best tho) for pillboxes.

Author: ArgCmdr
Size:5 KB

New cameo for a real AA Cannon .

Author: ArgCmdr
Size:3 KB

Based off an US Academy photo
** Made for YR Argentina **

Author: ArgCmdr
Size:3 KB

Neatly captured airstrip
** Made for YR Argentina **

Author: The I Man
Size:3 KB

a cameo in RA2 Style for the GDI Barracks, made completely by me.

Author: MaryJo
Size:5,35 KB

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