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Yuri's Revenge Multiplayer Maps
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Based on a famous battle on the revolution war (2-4, temperate)
Author: SEAL31
Size: 35 KB
A medium map, with bridges connecting the cliffs where the bases are placed (2-4, temperate)
Author: TrooperXP
Size: 76 KB
A big island, with some tech buildings, and medium ore (2, temperate)
Author: TrooperXP
Size: 133 KB
This map has been set as a difficulty generator toggles the events when certain buildings are destroyed. Anyway, it is great fun and the idea is fabulous. (2-4, Urban)
Author: Wildefire
Size: 141 KB
Your base is situated in an island with an big ore camp near but the big action is in the middle of the continent. (2-4, temperate)
Author: Mir4dor
Size: 115 KB
A cliffy map with some tech buildings.(2-4, temperate)
Author: Mir4dor
Size: 76 KB
A snow map, with 4 bases at the sides and one at the center. (2-5, snow)
Author: Mir4dor
Size: 172 KB
As the name a U is the form of the map, and has several tech buildings and an interacive city. (2-4, temperate)
Author: Mir4dor
Size: 108 KB
A little common map because of its size, representing North America. (2-8, temperate)
Author: Educuevas
Size: 203 KB
An isolated Argentina representation, with some of the real rivers included. (2-6, temperate)
Author: Educuevas
Size: 183 KB
Name says it, the Falkland islands. (2-3, temperate)
Author: Educuevas
Size: 153 KB
Yummy snow map with equidistant bases and offshore derricks. (2-4, snow)
Author: Educuevas
Size: 194 KB
A hell of a big map featuring a hell of a big city. (2-6, urban)
Author: Educuevas
Size: 502 KB
A full-of-buildings Buenos Aires downtown. (2, urban)
Author: Educuevas
Size: 57 KB
Two ore rich islands along with some goodies north of them. (2, snow)
Author: Educuevas
Size: 53 KB
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