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Building SHPs
Infantry | Buildings | Animations | Other
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26 new SHPs, forts, castles, groves,etc, converted from Seven Kingdoms II: The Frythan Wars.
Size:198 KB

A Service Depot for Yuri, cameo, rules and art included
Author:The I Man
Size:217 KB

Some of the Pyramids from Pharaoh for RA2. The pic here looks aliased, but model is not really.
Size:31 KB

A new Stealth Generator for allies, comes with rules, art, cameos, theatres and buildups
Size:28 KB

A new small power plant that looks like a single nuclear reactor
Author:The I Man
Size:60 KB

This is a pre-release spy sat, that was used before the release of RA2 for Allies Faction
Author:The I Man
Size:42 KB

A Restored Allied War Factory with the animations completed, very well done.
Author:The I Man
Size:367 KB

A Yuri Air Pad I-Man made by request, very good looking, has snow artm buildups, etc.
Author:The I Man
Size:39 KB

A Soviet AirPad. What else can be said. Also, all theaters, buildups, etc. Pic is not real model, lacks of a part.
Author:The I Man
Size:58 KB

This is a pack of nighthawk and transports crushed.. Includes all theaters.
Author:The I Man
Size:21 KB

A New armory based on the TS one. The pic is pixelized because its not real size. Click to enlarge. Be sure to give me credit if using this.
Size:31 KB

A New overlay type, made 100% by hand, includes cameo as well, be sure of giving me credit if using it .
Size:30 KB

The RA1 Radar Dome is back. This is a well made Radar Dome , doesnt include buildup anims, but includes cameo.
Size:11 KB

A new alternate Psychic Tower including coding for it, really cooly made. Click on the pic to enlarge.
Size:81 KB

A nice alternate Tesla Coil, with the communist sign in the base. A really cool work .
Size:82 KB

An alternate pillbox that has different gfx totally from the original one in RA2/YR .
Size:39 KB
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