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Welcome to YR:Argentina
The No.1 place for RA2 resources

YR Argentina WebMinon , April 13, 2009 by
Greetings to all! I am Alucard - the man to update the wonderful world of YR Argentina - Do you have SHPs? Voxels? Or any other Redalert 2/Yuri's Revenge Content to share with the public? Send it here! - No spam please :crazed:

There are a bit of standards however - IE No Garbage please. Like blank cubes for voxels or crooked stick buildings. Throw a little life into your project and it will carry it's self far. (skill helps to ;))

The above listed email is the official email to send news, programs, art, or just about anything RA2/YR. After all is said and done - we are Number One.

OS SHP Builder 3.36 released! , January 10, 2008 by
Hello everyone! I've released Open Source SHP Builder 3.36. The main features are the mass frames operations. You can now copy, move, delete and even reverse a massive amount of frames at once (with its respective shadows). The program also includes new ways to export your SHPs as the most common images files, new flood and fill tools, some new image effects and the possibility to paste the content of the clipboard into a new SHP or a new frame.

In terms of bug fixing, this version is also very interesting, but removing many problems that 3.35 had with importing GIF files. Also, some critical rendering bugs that existed since the first version of the program were finally tracked and removed. There were many other bug fixes that made the program become much more confortable to the end user. The changelog includes the details:

Posted Image

- 3.36
- revisions by Banshee, contributions from VK
- Added: Copy Frames: You can now copy a mass of frames to a new SHP or an existing one. You can also make it copy the related shadow frames.
- Added: Reverse Frames: You can now reverse a mass of frames. You can also reverse the related shadow frames.
- Added: Move Frames: You can now move a mass of frames to a new SHP or an existing one. You can also make it move the related shadow frames.
- Added: Delete Frames: It allows you to delete a massive amount of frames and its respective shadows at once.
- Added: Flood and Fill with gradient. This new tool works like the normal flood and fill, except that it consider nearby colours.
- Added: Flood and Fill with Blur. This new tool floods a region based on its avarage colour.
- Added: New image effects are available. All of them are exclusive to OS SHP Builder: Poly Mean (a lighter way to blur the image), Mean Squared (another blur method that only considers neighbors), Logarithm Darkening (a nice tool to darken your colours), Square Depth (similar to X-Depth, except that it considers a square instead of an X), Uber Noise (generates too much random noise in the selected area).
- Added: Paste as New SHP. You can also select the type and game of it before pasting, so it affects the palette during conversion.
- Added: Paste as New Frame.
- Added: New Colour Conversion Method (CCM): 3D RGB Structuralis. This is something between the Full Difference and Infurim, with a quality close to Infurium, but nearly as fast as Full Difference. This is now the default CCM of the program.
- Added: Side colour on preview. You can now view your SHP with remaps on the preview window.
- Added: You are now able to export specific frames as SHP.
- Added: You are now able to export a single frame into a Sprite Sheet.
- Added: Support for 'Send To OS SHP Builder' option from OS: Voxel Viewer 1.6.
- Added: Support for compression 2 SHP (TS) files. Few files from Yuri's Revenge uses this compression. Note: The program does not save files with this compression, because it's a waste of disk space.
- Updated: Pencil is no longer the default tool. The new default tool is the dropper.
- Updated: Now, almost everywhere the user can select a CCM, you'll see a small description of the efficience of each.
- Updated: 3D RGB Infurium is now faster, since it uses caching again, but restricted to certain situations.
- Updated: Code to save SHP (TD) files received a light update.
- Updated: The caption colour of the tools in the left side is now a grey colour. Better than the old white one.
- Updated: Community links were updated.
- Updated: Help file and program icon updated. Thanks IcySon55 for the icon.
- Bug Fix: GIF files are now imported correctly and faster.
- Bug Fix: Auto Detection of transparent colour on GIF file is now done on every frame.
- Bug Fix: The program will no longer try to import empty gif frames. Instead, they'll be simply empty, with the background colour.
- Bug Fix: New generated SHP files won't save corrupted SHP (TS) files anymore. If you were victim of this trick, edit the very first byte of your SHP to 00 with a hex editor.
- Bug Fix: SHP (TS) files with no height or width will now show a warning and refuse to load them, instead of bug the program.
- Bug Fix: The program will now react properly when a user tries to create an new SHP with dimensions that the system memory can't handle.
- Bug Fix: Rendering issues that prevented users from viewing or select pixels in the borders on some zoom levels were fixed.
- Bug Fix: If you are editing a TD or RA1 SHP, the natural tendency when clicking save is to save a SHP (TD) file. The code regarding this kind detection when saving files and saving file as has been fixed.
- Bug Fix: Fixed a minor MDI problem that could happen when the user was creating/opening its first SHP.
- Bug Fix: Fixed a MDI bug where several menu options of the program would not be available after the user close the first (of several) window of the opened SHP.
- Bug Fix: When you open and close files, the menu stays at the left side.
- Bug Fix: Maximized and minimized (yes, it's back) SHPs will not longer cause trouble with the menu.
- Bug Fix: The program now detects if a preview is opened or not when users create new SHP files.
- Bug Fix: Reduced chances of Importer cause Invalid File Handle problems (I/O Error 6) if the active palette doesn't exist.
- Bug Fix: Optimizing for cameos and animations in Import will now select the correct palette.
- Bug Fix: Changing the auto select background way in Import will properly choose a new colour for background.
- Bug Fix: The program will no longer crash or corrupt the list of Colours To Spare, in the Colour Replacement tool, when the user deletes the first colour.
- Bug Fix: Autoshadows is no longer available on any situation.
- Bug Fix: You can now move from the first frame to the last one, with one spin down move.
- Bug Fix: Paste will no longer consider the first colour of the clipboard bitmap to be the colour 0. The result is that blue blocks or weird blocks seen during the pasting will no longer appear.
- Bug Fix: Flood Fill, Select, Line and Dropper have proper icons in the left side.
- Removed: The following Colour Conversion Methods (CCM) were removed: Auto Selected and all non-3D RGB ones. They are still supported by the program, but the user can no longer select them. They were too bad and only caused headaches.

I recommend everyone to update your OS SHP Builder for this version. You can download it at our Utilities Section. Support for this tool is available at PPM Forums.

OS SHP Builder has a SVN Browser at the PPM SVN. You can also download the latest contents of the SVN, by using a an SVN client, such as Tortoise SVN, right clicking a directory, clicking in Checkout and setting URL to svn://

If you have a site, feel free to mirror it without asking for permision. You can also play with its source code and add your own features on the program. Just credit myself and Stucuk for the program. Enjoy it!

Voxel Section Editor III 1.32 is online! , February 13, 2007 by
Hello everyone! I've released the new Voxel Section Editor III 1.32 that comes to improve several important aspects of the program. The first priority was the auto normals, which still had few problems. The second change was the adition of some short cuts which were available on the old VXLSE II. And, as a bonus, I've ressurected the 3D preview window from the VXLSE II 2.1 SE OpenGL version totally adapted to the new rendering code. The old preview still works and both can be used together (in this case, at half speed until I find a way to bypass this limitation).

So, I highly recommend everyone to update your VXLSE III to the latest version. Here's the change log:

Posted Image

Voxel Section Editor III 1.32 ChangeLog:
- revisions by Banshee
- Added: 3D Preview window from VXLSE II 2.1 OpenGL edition is now back and it can render together with the current Preview (at half speed, in this case). It can also be resized and all features from the traditional preview were incorporated into it.
- Added: Shortcuts from VXLSE II are back. You can move the X, Y and Z axis by pressing x, y and z. To move backwards, add shift to it. Some other random shortcuts were added.
- Updated: Autonormalizer is now even better. Now it uses the concept of influence area to no longer miss the direction on few specific cases.

Support for this tool is available at the Voxel Section Editor III forum (guest posting allowed).

You can download it at our Utilities Section. If you own a fan site, you can place this program on your site for download. If you wanna modify it, go ahead. But on both cases, make sure that Will, Plasmadroid, Koen, Stucuk and I are credited for our efforts. And, happy voxelling!

Voxel Section Editor III 1.31 Released! , February 1, 2007 by
Ladies and Gents, Yesterday Banshee released Voxel Section Editor III 1.31.

This is what's new in this version:

Voxel Section Editor III 1.31 ChangeLog: - revisions by Banshee
- Added: Ability to optimize your voxel/new section for land or air unit. The difference is the bounds calculation. When Land is selection, the minimum height is 0, while Air uses the old system.
- Added: Mirror -> Mirror Right to Left finally works.
- Updated: There is only one auto normalizer now: Smoothed Cubed AutoNormals v2, that brings perfect normals, better than the old Cubed AutoNormals. Cubed AutoNormals and 6-Faced Autonormals are gone.
- Updated: Voxels should be rendered about 20x faster, like in OS:VV 1.6 or better. However, this requires a bit more RAM memory.
- Updated: Program loads faster and acts faster. The code was also improved to waste less memory. Custom schemes also load considerably faster.
- Updated: Dropper is now the default tool from the program, instead of pencil. This prevents users from accidentally painting the voxels when creating new files or opening existing voxels.
- Bug Fix: The program will now load sections with no used voxels instead of giving range check error.
- Bug Fix: Failed to set data for 'Path' message won't appear anymore if you do not have administrative powers on your operational system.
- Bug Fix: When creating new voxels or on the resize operation, the x, y and z you determine will be the x, y and z from your voxel. The order is no longer messed up.
- Bug Fix: Normals are now copied correctly when copy is used with Spectrum -> Normals.

Posted Image

What are you waiting for? Get this tool Now!

Not dead and reporting for duty , January 10, 2007 by
Finally and after a while with no updates (and spider web growing on the site) i've made up my mind and updated Yrarg. This time the Vxl Comp from December '06 on Freedom Studios for which i added a new section and fixed a few errors that were on the site, mostly on the utilities section

Go ahead and take a little peek :blush:

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