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Welcome to YR:Argentina
The No.1 place for RA2 resources

YR Argentina WebMinon , April 13, 2009 by
Greetings to all! I am Alucard - the man to update the wonderful world of YR Argentina - Do you have SHPs? Voxels? Or any other Redalert 2/Yuri's Revenge Content to share with the public? Send it here! - No spam please :crazed:

There are a bit of standards however - IE No Garbage please. Like blank cubes for voxels or crooked stick buildings. Throw a little life into your project and it will carry it's self far. (skill helps to ;))

The above listed email is the official email to send news, programs, art, or just about anything RA2/YR. After all is said and done - we are Number One.

Voxel Section Editor III 1.37 released! , August 25, 2007 by
Hello fellow YR Argentina visitors! At Project Perfect Mod, I've finally released the Voxel Section Editor III 1.37. This new version has a smarter auto normals and also comes with several bug fixes. With this reinforcement, let's keep our voxels comming!

Posted Image

- revisions by Banshee
- Added: Tangent Plane auto normals based on the article sent to SIBGRAPI 2007. This should find the lighting of the voxels in a more realistic way.
- Bug Fix: Import a section will no longer crash the system.
- Bug Fix: If the program is deactivated, the application will stop rendering, severely reducing the cpu load on idle moments.
- Bug Fix: Fixed some inconsistences with the coordinate system.
- Bug Fix: New Red Alert 2 voxels starts with normals of the type 4 (RA2) and no longer type 2 (TS).
- Bug Fix: Increased stability when opening and saving palettes, voxels and HVAs. Thanks VK.
- Updated: Community links, new program icon from IcySon55 and interface improved thanks to VK.

Support for this tool is available at the Voxel Section Editor III forum (guest posting allowed).

The Help file isn't being updated because I don't have its source (Stucuk may have it). So, the help is pretty much outdated.

The very latest internal/test versions and source code can be found at the Official Voxel Section Editor III SVN.

You can download it HERE, at our updated utilities section. If you accidentally own a C&C fan site or you are staff of it, you can place this program on your site for download. If you wanna modify it, go ahead. But on both cases, make sure that Will, Plasmadroid, Koen, Stucuk and I are credited for our efforts. And, have fun voxelling!

A quick update , July 26, 2007 by
howdy guys! i have 3 new assets to show you:

Number one!... Nighthawk's Firehawk Posted Image

Number two. Voxred Master's Chrono Transport Posted Image

and Number Three, Tobias Boon46's Police Car Posted Image

that's it, you know where to look for them, so check them out! :grin:
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