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Welcome to YR:Argentina
The No.1 place for RA2 resources

YR Argentina WebMinon , April 13, 2009 by Alucard
Greetings to all! I am Alucard - the man to update the wonderful world of YR Argentina - Do you have SHPs? Voxels? Or any other Redalert 2/Yuri's Revenge Content to share with the public? Send it here! - No spam please :crazed:

There are a bit of standards however - IE No Garbage please. Like blank cubes for voxels or crooked stick buildings. Throw a little life into your project and it will carry it's self far. (skill helps to ;))

The above listed email is the official email to send news, programs, art, or just about anything RA2/YR. After all is said and done - we are Number One.

The Daz and the lefthand are still around , March 26, 2007 by MaryJo
Daz and lefthand have sent some of their outstanding work, and this is what they got:

Daz' Colonial Battlestar

Posted Image

and lefthand's LoadScreens: Posted Image Posted Image

Note: i'm going to change i mistake i made on the voxelcomp '06

OS HVA Builder 2.1 and OS Voxel Viewer 1.7 , September 5, 2006 by Banshee
Yesterday I've released updated versions from both OS HVA Builder and OS Voxel Viewer. Now, both programs render your voxels faster, aligned and with better remappables. OS HVA Builder 2.1 can also associate your with your HVA files and includes some interface improvements. These changes make these tools a reliable way to preview and setup your voxel group (body, turret and barrel) withou running the game.

The utilities section is now updated with them.

Posted Image

Happy BeerDay Yrarg! , September 2, 2006 by MaryJo
Yuri's Revenge Argentina just turned 5 Years old on August 31th, and to celebrate that, i will finish the new layout that Mig Eater Started long ago and make some changes around here. :ohmy:

Now for those who thought that yrarg was dead again you were mistaken, this site is alive . I've been bussy with my internship and i finished it, so stay tunned for the completion and release of Aqua Arg :wub:
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