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Welcome to YR:Argentina
The No.1 place for RA2 resources

Looking for Staff of Yuri's Revenge Argentina , May 22, 2011 by Martinoz
Hello, It's my first topic or news as the administrator of Yuri's Revenge Argentina. I've became an admin of this website in last 3 or 4 weeks, and we made a major step for revival of this website.
As you see, the current site is outdated, missing a lot of resource assets that could be available for download. However we are working on the new version with website with new features like:

- Multiple File Downloading using checkboxes
- Search Function, you can search via author, filename, tags, whatever you want
- Ingame/preview pics are resized into thumbnails. Clicking on them will open full-sized image in lightbox.
- Easy and reliable system of placing download positions in articles.
- Download statistics
- For people who don't want to send an e-mail with files to the site administrator, there is a function to upload the files.

There is not much work to be done at the moment, in last 3 weeks since 1st May, with the help of Speeder I've uploaded almost 500 files with ingame/preview pics - I've also found and uploaded stuff from dead modding websites like Pixelops. People who saw the website can agree, that I'm not lying with over 500 files uploaded :). If you have the files from the modding websites that are currently inactive, please send them to me. Actually I'm looking for people who:

- Will post the articles about modding, tutorials, new files etc.
- Will upload new files to the website
- Will search for new public files on every modding website and contact with author
- If you are making shps, voxels or maps, and you want your work uploaded fast and simple, it's a great place for you :).

We want your voxels! , May 16, 2010 by Banshee
Greetings modders & visitors!

The CnC Guild's Staff is working to update the well known resource site YR: Argentina! As you can see, most of its information and downloads are outdated, but we're working to update it, to give it a complete new and modern look!

And you can help us!
If you are the author of a Voxel, SHP, cameo or RA2/TibSun/YR resource, please email it to!
We'll be happy to host your files!

In the email please include:

- Specific Title (Ex: [Voxel] Medium Tank/ [SHP] Something, ect...)
- Short description about your resource. (Ex: It's a medium tank for GDI, ect...)
- Credit (obiviously your name)
I'd like to emphasis that you must be the author of the resource or you must have his written authorization (include in the email).

And check out the recent submissions from Conman at the Ground Voxels section. There are more than 10 new cool voxels like the Overlord below:

Posted Image

Posted Image

YR Argentina WebMinon , April 13, 2009 by Alucard
Greetings to all! I am Alucard - the man to update the wonderful world of YR Argentina - Do you have SHPs? Voxels? Or any other Redalert 2/Yuri's Revenge Content to share with the public? Send it here! - No spam please :crazed:

There are a bit of standards however - IE No Garbage please. Like blank cubes for voxels or crooked stick buildings. Throw a little life into your project and it will carry it's self far. (skill helps to ;))

The above listed email is the official email to send news, programs, art, or just about anything RA2/YR. After all is said and done - we are Number One.

Voxel Section Editor III 1.32 is online! , February 13, 2007 by Banshee
Hello everyone! I've released the new Voxel Section Editor III 1.32 that comes to improve several important aspects of the program. The first priority was the auto normals, which still had few problems. The second change was the adition of some short cuts which were available on the old VXLSE II. And, as a bonus, I've ressurected the 3D preview window from the VXLSE II 2.1 SE OpenGL version totally adapted to the new rendering code. The old preview still works and both can be used together (in this case, at half speed until I find a way to bypass this limitation).

So, I highly recommend everyone to update your VXLSE III to the latest version. Here's the change log:

Posted Image

Voxel Section Editor III 1.32 ChangeLog:
- revisions by Banshee
- Added: 3D Preview window from VXLSE II 2.1 OpenGL edition is now back and it can render together with the current Preview (at half speed, in this case). It can also be resized and all features from the traditional preview were incorporated into it.
- Added: Shortcuts from VXLSE II are back. You can move the X, Y and Z axis by pressing x, y and z. To move backwards, add shift to it. Some other random shortcuts were added.
- Updated: Autonormalizer is now even better. Now it uses the concept of influence area to no longer miss the direction on few specific cases.

Support for this tool is available at the Voxel Section Editor III forum (guest posting allowed).

You can download it at our Utilities Section. If you own a fan site, you can place this program on your site for download. If you wanna modify it, go ahead. But on both cases, make sure that Will, Plasmadroid, Koen, Stucuk and I are credited for our efforts. And, happy voxelling!

No Esta Muerta... , October 31, 2006 by MaryJo
hehe, ok people, for those who noticed that there hasn't been any updates in a while and for those who doesn't know.. well the reason is simple:

1) Modders don't send more stuff, they're modding...¿?
2) I got a job on October 5th, and i'm doing great.

This site won't die, i've actually received some new files, i'm waiting to have a few more to upload them to the site.

Have good one ppl! :p you will see me soon!
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