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Welcome to YR:Argentina
The No.1 place for RA2 resources

AlertDawn + AlertSun download links on yrarg , September 11, 2011 by Deathblow Luc
Goddamn, it took me at least 20 tries to remember my user and password here.

Hi! No, im not coming back to make missions again after seven years at all, don't get your hopes up too high. I did notice however (in one of my egocentrical journeys into the past to see stuff i made while i was toying around with C&C) that AlertSun is nowhere to be found in the current version of the YrArg site, and AlertDawn's file is corrupted. So I took the liberty of digging through to find working versions of them both. Whenever someone restores the site or updates it, at least they can find working versions of both. Attaching em below (Click on the comments link if youre on the website to access the files through the forums)

Probably no one plays this stuff anymore, but it'd make me cry inside to think both files could just get lost in the abyss of outdated content.

Either way, shoutout to Mig, Apollo, Speeder, AG and the 2-3 people from my times that might still be around. Peace.

We want your voxels! , May 16, 2010 by Banshee
Greetings modders & visitors!

The CnC Guild's Staff is working to update the well known resource site YR: Argentina! As you can see, most of its information and downloads are outdated, but we're working to update it, to give it a complete new and modern look!

And you can help us!
If you are the author of a Voxel, SHP, cameo or RA2/TibSun/YR resource, please email it to!
We'll be happy to host your files!

In the email please include:

- Specific Title (Ex: [Voxel] Medium Tank/ [SHP] Something, ect...)
- Short description about your resource. (Ex: It's a medium tank for GDI, ect...)
- Credit (obiviously your name)
I'd like to emphasis that you must be the author of the resource or you must have his written authorization (include in the email).

And check out the recent submissions from Conman at the Ground Voxels section. There are more than 10 new cool voxels like the Overlord below:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Voxel Section Editor III 1.37 released! , August 25, 2007 by Banshee
Hello fellow YR Argentina visitors! At Project Perfect Mod, I've finally released the Voxel Section Editor III 1.37. This new version has a smarter auto normals and also comes with several bug fixes. With this reinforcement, let's keep our voxels comming!

Posted Image

- revisions by Banshee
- Added: Tangent Plane auto normals based on the article sent to SIBGRAPI 2007. This should find the lighting of the voxels in a more realistic way.
- Bug Fix: Import a section will no longer crash the system.
- Bug Fix: If the program is deactivated, the application will stop rendering, severely reducing the cpu load on idle moments.
- Bug Fix: Fixed some inconsistences with the coordinate system.
- Bug Fix: New Red Alert 2 voxels starts with normals of the type 4 (RA2) and no longer type 2 (TS).
- Bug Fix: Increased stability when opening and saving palettes, voxels and HVAs. Thanks VK.
- Updated: Community links, new program icon from IcySon55 and interface improved thanks to VK.

Support for this tool is available at the Voxel Section Editor III forum (guest posting allowed).

The Help file isn't being updated because I don't have its source (Stucuk may have it). So, the help is pretty much outdated.

The very latest internal/test versions and source code can be found at the Official Voxel Section Editor III SVN.

You can download it HERE, at our updated utilities section. If you accidentally own a C&C fan site or you are staff of it, you can place this program on your site for download. If you wanna modify it, go ahead. But on both cases, make sure that Will, Plasmadroid, Koen, Stucuk and I are credited for our efforts. And, have fun voxelling!

Voxel Section Editor III 1.32 is online! , February 13, 2007 by Banshee
Hello everyone! I've released the new Voxel Section Editor III 1.32 that comes to improve several important aspects of the program. The first priority was the auto normals, which still had few problems. The second change was the adition of some short cuts which were available on the old VXLSE II. And, as a bonus, I've ressurected the 3D preview window from the VXLSE II 2.1 SE OpenGL version totally adapted to the new rendering code. The old preview still works and both can be used together (in this case, at half speed until I find a way to bypass this limitation).

So, I highly recommend everyone to update your VXLSE III to the latest version. Here's the change log:

Posted Image

Voxel Section Editor III 1.32 ChangeLog:
- revisions by Banshee
- Added: 3D Preview window from VXLSE II 2.1 OpenGL edition is now back and it can render together with the current Preview (at half speed, in this case). It can also be resized and all features from the traditional preview were incorporated into it.
- Added: Shortcuts from VXLSE II are back. You can move the X, Y and Z axis by pressing x, y and z. To move backwards, add shift to it. Some other random shortcuts were added.
- Updated: Autonormalizer is now even better. Now it uses the concept of influence area to no longer miss the direction on few specific cases.

Support for this tool is available at the Voxel Section Editor III forum (guest posting allowed).

You can download it at our Utilities Section. If you own a fan site, you can place this program on your site for download. If you wanna modify it, go ahead. But on both cases, make sure that Will, Plasmadroid, Koen, Stucuk and I are credited for our efforts. And, happy voxelling!

Voxel Section Editor III 1.31 Released! , February 1, 2007 by MaryJo
Ladies and Gents, Yesterday Banshee released Voxel Section Editor III 1.31.

This is what's new in this version:

Voxel Section Editor III 1.31 ChangeLog: - revisions by Banshee
- Added: Ability to optimize your voxel/new section for land or air unit. The difference is the bounds calculation. When Land is selection, the minimum height is 0, while Air uses the old system.
- Added: Mirror -> Mirror Right to Left finally works.
- Updated: There is only one auto normalizer now: Smoothed Cubed AutoNormals v2, that brings perfect normals, better than the old Cubed AutoNormals. Cubed AutoNormals and 6-Faced Autonormals are gone.
- Updated: Voxels should be rendered about 20x faster, like in OS:VV 1.6 or better. However, this requires a bit more RAM memory.
- Updated: Program loads faster and acts faster. The code was also improved to waste less memory. Custom schemes also load considerably faster.
- Updated: Dropper is now the default tool from the program, instead of pencil. This prevents users from accidentally painting the voxels when creating new files or opening existing voxels.
- Bug Fix: The program will now load sections with no used voxels instead of giving range check error.
- Bug Fix: Failed to set data for 'Path' message won't appear anymore if you do not have administrative powers on your operational system.
- Bug Fix: When creating new voxels or on the resize operation, the x, y and z you determine will be the x, y and z from your voxel. The order is no longer messed up.
- Bug Fix: Normals are now copied correctly when copy is used with Spectrum -> Normals.

Posted Image

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