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GFX Packs
Halo: AoA was a Halo Total Conversion hosted at CNC Guild for nearly a year. Its members couldnt finish it due to their lack of time, so they decided to release the graphics as a resource pack. Remember to credit the members of Halo: AoA if using any of the graphics inside the zip, which totalize 10 in total.
Author: AlphaDMF / Riith Kain / Solidus
Size:193 KB

7 voxels reproducing vehicles in "Thunderbirds"
Size:1.6 MB

Bulk Load of all the voxels made by Daz for Remember The Silence. About 50 files inside.
Size:1.49 MB

Four voxels from the early development stages of 2021: Cataclysm
**Exclusive to this site**
Author: Daz, spider-man_2099, ArgCmdr
Size:96 KB

All the units and animations made for 2021: Cataclysm
**Exclusive to this site**
<------- Click to enlarge
Author: 2021 Team (See read.txt inside)
Size:1.01 MB

Over 40 new civilian cars and over 40 new civilian... people
**Exclusive to this site**
<------- Click to enlarge
Author: ArgCmdr, BobingAbout, Hunt7s, Lord Kal
Size:4.39 MB

Many artwork from the abandoned mod CNC Revolution, led by Daedalus
Author: ComradeJ, Daedalus, Dark Crusader & Others
Size:611 KB

**Exclusive to this Site**

It's a very cool pack made by Speeder for Mental Omega. Contains 74 Cameos, 6 Vxls, 6 Buildings and 1 infantry Shp. Includes Mental Tank, Shark Attack Sub and Siege Cadre Infantry

Author: Speeder/Mevitar/the_nothing/Bladerunner
Size:509 KB

A pack containing all the assets from Conman's X.A.W. mod. Includes several tanks, projectiles and vehicles.

Author: Conman/partyzanPaulzy
Size: 972 KB

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