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A V-3 truck, mounted with 6 rockets, it's just the empty version of the existant in ra2.mix -> local.mix
Size:41 KB

A New transport to use for a new faction **Exclusive to this site**
Size:27 KB

Empty Version of theVehicle found on ra2.mix => local.mix
Size:13,7 KB

A new Tank for Yuri, based on the Chaos Drone but its great looking though.
Author:Just West
Size:37 KB

A new light tank on a goldern scheme, and good looking normals.
Author: Alasz
Size:9 KB

The TS GDI artillery resized to RA2 at a nice quality, sounds cameos and rules included.
Author: FS-21
Size:405 KB

An outstanding Mobile War Factory, includes all anims and art coding, excellent work. Click on the pic to enlarge and here to see one of the anims
Author: Dark Elf/Sleipnir/DeeZire
Size:319 KB

A really nice mine layer, with deploying animations included.
Author: Napalm
Size:22 KB

A tank voxel with a NOD scheme and a goldern ring in the middle. with good normals.
Author: Napalm
Size:24 KB

A hovering drone, suitable for a Soviet Robot Tank
Author: Napalm
Size:14 KB

A very cool mech, with its correspondant animation, an excellent work
Author: Napalm
Size:42 KB

A really nice model, that transports a strike chopper in its back.
Author: Napalm
Size:46 KB

A sort of big SCUD launcher, with the projectile vxl included
Author: Napalm
Size:57 KB

A Mine sweeper voxel, small but very detailed and correctly normalised.
Size:16 KB

A Massive double-triple barreled tank and tough looking
Size:39 KB

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