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Have a mod, map, SHP, Voxel or some article you want posted here?
You have made a program, some cameos, a game based on RA2, or something similar and want it hosted?

If so send the file(s) to this email address.

There are rules for posted files, they are as follows:

Maps need a text file (describing map and author), and a preview of the map in FA2
Mods need a text file (describing mod and author), and a screenshot of the mod (this last optional)
Fan Fiction Stories, need the author´s name on the txt file. Send compressed in the format you want.
Wallpapers, need a txt file describing author
Voxels and SHPs need an in-game or any sort of preview, along with a txt file describing the authors.
Tutorials don´t need anything but the name of the author.

Note: Can all preview images, and zip files have the author's name followed by an underscore before the filename, eg "Daz_Flametank.png" or "". Also, preview images need to have the name of the map/unit/whatever, not just "preview.png" or "image.png", eg "Heavytankpic.png". This makes my life easier and makes updating a quicker process.

Notice that only authors can submit files, as we were a honest site, and we will keep on being one. Any kind of stealing of material will be announced in ALL forums in the community, and the perpetrators added to the ModEnc Community Blacklist

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