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Yuri's Revenge Singleplayer Maps
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Allied Campaign. New X-Pack for YR including seven excellent quality missions. Addded much more units, long maps, a quality expansion
Author: ArgCmdr
Size: 1.05 MB
Yuri Mission. Our master Yuri is being held in a stasis field here. Liberate him!
Author: Concolor1
Size: 217 KB
Allied Mission. Natives on this island have seen terrible things. Investigate the cause of this.
Author: Concolor1
Size: 245 KB
No pic available
Allied Campaign. 1st two maps from DeanMond.
Author: Deanmond
Size: 159 KB
Allied Mission. Yuri went into hiding and this is the time to take him out.
Author: Timbit
Size: 196 KB
Yuri Mission. Yuri has escaped but spotted a Soviet Outpost. Clear it!
Author: Concolor1
Size: 276 KB
Yuri Mission. Last for 40 minutes, to allow reinforce.
Author: luk3us
Size: 38 KB
Yuri Mission. Commandos have stolen a Chronosphere. Protect it with your life
Author: luk3us
Size: 196 KB
Allied Mission Soviets have created a new device called the Earth Breaker. Destroy it at all costs!
Author: Timbit
Size: 193 KB
Soviet Mission. Yuri has ben experimenting with new technologies on a base on the moon. Erradicate his genetic and biological capabilities!
Author: Concolor1
Size: 220 KB
Yuri Mission. There is a Yuri clone that has a failure and has turn against master Yuri. Mind-Capture this clone, and get rid of his forces.
Author: Concolor1
Size: 229 KB
Allied Mission. Robots have rebelled to humans since the discovery of a virus by Dr Einstein. You have the time to rscue him and take down the War Factories.
Author: Concolor1
Size: 241 KB
No pic available
A huge 14 mission pack done by Diesystem, with the inculsion of his campaigns Allies and Aliens and Soviets And Aliens.
Author: Diesystem
Size: 837 KB
Allied Mission. Yuri has captured some allied high leaders. Rescue them, and erradicate Yuri from the area.
Author: Timbit
Size: 295 KB
Yuri Mission. The Allies and the Soviets are united now! Help Yuri out!
Author: Tucker Kao
Size: 125 KB
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