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Armored Units Cameos
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This are several cameos for F-15 Eagles from my compatriot, The I-Man
Author:The I Man
Size:23 KB

This are several cameos for helicopters, 19 in total. Very nice all of them.
Author: Loefqvist
Size:53 KB

This are four cameos i made by request for Just West. Its cameos for the Mammoth Tank and the Kodiak Tank from the images at RA1.
Size:11 KB

Some nice A 10 Thunderbolt icons, including also veteran icon.
Size:4 KB

10 pretty good base images for use for cameos for T34, Flame and other tanks.

Author: Big Jah
Size:69 KB

4 fast-made cameos with bevel effect , just text missing. The images you are seeing are a V-22 Osprey, an EF, an F-15 and an Apache. Pack II soon to come.

Author: ArgCmdr
Size:11 KB

Second Pack of Aerial Cameos, featuring cameos for Falcons, Raptors, Hornets, Badgers, rogfoots and more!.

Author: ArgCmdr
Size:27 KB

Third Pack of Aircraft Cameos, in this case Russian manufacture helicopters, five cameos for hinds and two for werewolfs.

Author: ArgCmdr
Size:11 KB

Fourth Pack in-a-row of aircraft cameos, now Russian manufactured planes. Cameos for Flankers, Fulcrum, Advanced Flanker (Su-37) and S-32.

Author: ArgCmdr
Size:18 KB

Fifth Pack. World War II and Post War aircraft (40´s-60´s) Includes Spitfire, Zero, Mustang, Lightning and much more! (14 in total).

Author: ArgCmdr
Size:35 KB

Sixth Pack. Allied Aircraft this time, cameos for Tigershark, Hornet, Eagle, Spirit, X-35, Vulcan and much more! (13 in total) .

Author: ArgCmdr
Size:29 KB

Seventh Pack. Soviet Aircraft now, Frogfoot, Fencer, Flanker, Farmer, Blackjack and more (9 in total).

Author: ArgCmdr
Size:19 KB

Eighth Pack. Experimental and Weird-Designed-Aircraft.X-29, X-32, YF-23 Black Widdow and XB-70 Valkyrie.

Author: ArgCmdr
Size:8 KB

Nineth Pack. Hand Drawn aircraft, more RA2 looking, This includes a Foxbat, a Fulcrum and a Flanker .

Author: ArgCmdr
Size:9 KB

Pack 10, contains cameos for American fighters, Raptor, Falcon and Eagle.

Author: ArgCmdr
Size:13 KB

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