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Infantry SHPs
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This is a medic unit, includes cameo, art and rules.
Size:65 KB

This is the alternative art for the sniper soldier, in arctic scheme
Author:The I Man
Size:72 KB

This is the slave gunner model from the mod YR Argentina. Be sure of giving me credit for the SHP if using it or its concept. ** Exclusive to this site**
Size:33 KB

This is a Deployable Chrono Legionnaire by Dark Elf 2001. Includes 6 cameos and art.ini coding
Author:Dark Elf 2001
Size:109 KB

This is a Deployable Tesla Trooper by Dark Elf 2001. Inculdes Snow Version
Author:Dark Elf 2001
Size:211 KB

A Deployable Spy by Dark Elf. The spy can deploy and fire a machine gun. Art code and cameos included
Author:Dark Elf 2001
Size:99 KB

These are 7 Naval Mines, to use with the Maker Infantry logic Mine Layer. BE SURE of giving me credit if using them ** Exclusive to this site**
Size:6 KB

This is a Soviet Tesla Commando.. It's Tesla Bolt is stronger than the normal Tesla Trooper also equipped with C4 explosives. Includes cameos, rules and art
Author:Dark Elf 2001
Size:193 KB

A Flamethrower Soldier, with all standard animations, art code. A real proffesional work.
Author:Chrono Loony
Size:110 KB

What else can be said, lol, a Grizzly Bear.
Size:52 KB

A sniper that can deploy into a wormhole with its sandbags. Includes cameo and code.
Author:Dark Elf 2001
Size:161 KB

This is the Parasite. It is based off an unused concept art for YR. It is a jump-jet unit.
Author:Chrono Loony
Size:55 KB

This is the Sidewinder, a man carrying a bazooka, with cameos and art code.
Author:Dark Elf 2001
Size:158 KB

A new Tanya model i made for a TC, made publicly available, dressed on black and having new remaps. Swim frames also included
Size:110 KB

This are three SHPs, a Wolf-like animal, a Velocirraptor (pic) and a darker dolphin, all made by Elite980.
Size:98 KB

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