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RA2 Editing Tutorial Database


+ Graphics
Basic Voxel Making (New) by ArgCmdr, updated by Banshee
Bullet Effect from Generals (New) by -Supersonic
The Voxelling palette by ArgCmdr
Cameo Making by ArgCmdr
SHP Building Making by ArgCmdr
Palette Pack Use by ArgCmdr
Wireframe SHPing by ArgCmdr
Normals: I 4 --> I 2 / Equivalences and Auto-N control by ArgCmdr
Cameo Making II: Using Masks by ArgCmdr
Cameo Making III: Using Layer Blending by ArgCmdr
Modify Skirmish Flags by ArgCmdr
GMAX ---> 3DS by ArgCmdr
Make .PALs to be used by the game by ArgCmdr
Convert a single PCX into SHP(TS) -infantry- by ArgCmdr
Making a new UI (Part I) - Main Menu by ArgCmdr
Voxel Bounds by ArgCmdr

+ Map Making
Exact Lighting Transitions by ArgCmdr
Variables Tutorial
by ArgCmdr
Scripts Types Tutorial
by ArgCmdr
Add Buildings to FA2 by ArgCmdr
Spawn a Car in a Multiplayer Map by ArgCmdr
Detailing Maps: Temperate by ArgCmdr
Mission Maps: Winning Conditions by ArgCmdr
How to simulate two teams are one by ArgCmdr
How to make transports return by ArgCmdr
How to make patrols in multiplayer by ArgCmdr
Mission Types by ArgCmdr
Base Nodes by ArgCmdr
Detailing Maps: Snow by ArgCmdr
How to make a campaign by ArgCmdr

+ Modding
Attack System by ArgCmdr
XCC Mixer Use by ArgCmdr
Infantry Sequences by ArgCmdr
Modding Basics I: Programs & Files by ArgCmdr
Enabling Hidden Units by MaperRiz

How to make a Radar Jammer by Fenring
Making Weapon Systems: Mammoth Tank by Allied General
How to turn the Psychic Dominator into an Ion Cannon by Detail
Partially breaking the 100 unit limit by Commodus
Spawning by Commodus
How to deploy units that deploy into other units by Commodus
ART.INI Guide by XGamer

CSF Files - Using RA2StrEdit by ArgCmdr
How to have different infantry graphics on each theatre by ArgCmdr
Infantry Sequences (Deeper Explanation) by BobingAbout
Jumpjet Engineers by ArgCmdr
Light Emitting Buildings by ArgCmdr
Derrick Cash Production Logic by ArgCmdr
Blocking AMRADR to make America use the normal GAAIRC by ArgCmdr
Spawns and Enslaves by ArgCmdr
Making a Technician/Mechanic by Psycho
Make a Subterrainean Unit by ArgCmdr
Change Tiberium Color [TS ONLY] by ArgCmdr


+ Graficos
Creación de SHPs
por ArgCmdr

+ Mapas

+ Modding
Tutorial Básico de Modding por ArgCmdr

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