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Command & Conquer Mods

We host mods for all Command & Conquers (TD, RA1, TS, RA2), only condition is they are small filesize (smaller than 8 MB), and they are mediumly worked, which means, no n00b mods hosted. We can also place links on this list to other mods, upon boards or email request.

+ Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Mods

This is my experimental mod for RA2, made in October 2001. Was mainly done on free times and with no aim at all (as i was busy on making mission campaigns). Yet someone can find it funny.
Author: ArgCmdr
Size: 901 KB
A new unit mod made by Javierkaiser, that includes units such as the Eraser Tank, the Armored Trooper, Storm Tower, Acid Rain Generator, Ragnarok Tank, and much much more. AI is enhanced as well, and its attacks are much more stronger!
Author: Javierkaiser
Size: 7.8 MB
Puts the YR unit voices into RA2. Simple as that =) Nothing flash or fancy, but eases the boredom a tad.
Author: Comrade Jerkov
Size: 7.8 MB

+ Command & Conquer: Yuri´s Revenge Mods

An excellent graphics vault, with soome cool coding on units, but excellent graphically, including units such as Masstodont, Nova Platform, Stalk Bomber, Overlord, Predator, all excellent models made by Napalm. A must-try
Author: Napalm
Size: 1.3 MB

+ Command & Conquer: Red Alert 1 Mods

Introduces many changes to the game, featuring redeployable MCVs, Ore Trucks that explode upon destruction, units have been improved, some other made side specific.
Author: Allied General
Size: 18 KB

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