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Infantry Cameos
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A cameo for using on a technician, or a scientist.
Author:The J892
Size:5 KB

A cameo for using on a Grizzly Bear. SHP for model also available at this site.
Author: Clazzy
Size:3 KB

10 trooper icons made from a based imaged supplied by Comrade Jerkov. Includes procedure images and some inhedit ones.
Size:175 KB

16 trooper icons made from images supplied by Comrade Jerkov. Includes cameos for a heavy troop, medic, gunner, and lots more. Images from pressumably an Unreal Mod. .
Size:41 KB

2 cameos done by request for xcomet, using old base images.

Author: ArgCmdr
Size:12 KB

5 cameos from ingame shots of BF 1942.

Author: ArgCmdr
Size:14 KB

RA2 Style cameos for TS Nod Infantry.

Author: ArgCmdr
Size:18 KB

4 cameos for dogs, some with red eyes and cyborgish looking too.

Author: ArgCmdr / Hunt7s
Size:13 KB

An excellent cameo for the T-Rex.

Author: Pyrogore6
Size:4 KB

An excellent cameo for the Velocirraptor

Author: Pyrogore6
Size:3 KB

6 cameos for US Navy seals.

Author: Medalmonkey
Size:18 KB

Cameos for Renegade hero Havoc.

Author: DesO8tor / Tratos
Size:7 KB

RA2 Style cameos for TS GDI Infantry.

Author: ArgCmdr
Size:19 KB

A pack of 5 cameos for snipers.

Author: Des08tor / Tratos / Kravvitz
Size:18 KB

A cameo for the Renegade Black Hand hero Mendoza.

Author: Dark_Desolator / Des08tor
Size:9 KB

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