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RA2 Missions Argentina -English-

Breaking partially the 100 units limit
Submitted by Commodus

The problem
RA2 only alows 100 buildable units to be used be the game.

The Situation
The curret units list is scattered and without order, this makes the 100 unit limit easy to reach. Here is the original units list:

1=AMCV ;allied mcv
2=HARV ;soviet miner part1
3=APOC ;soviet apocolips tank
4=HTNK ;soviet rhino heavy tank
5=SAPC ;soviet hover transport
6=CAR ;civ car
7=BUS ;civ bus
8=WINI ;civ winabago
9=PICK ;civ pickup truck
10=MTNK ;allied grizzly medium tank
11=HORV ;soviet miner part2
12=TRUCKA ;civ truck
13=TRUCKB ;civ truck
14=CARRIER ;allied aircraft carrier
15=V3 ;soviet V3 lancher
16=ZEP ;soviet kirov
17=DRON ;soviet terror drone
18=HTK ;soviet flack track
19=DEST ;allied destroyer/pys lancher
20=SUB ;soviet sub
21=AEGIS ;allied Aegis Cruiser
22=LCRF ;allied hover transport
23=DRED ;soviet drednought
24=SHAD ;allied night halk transport
25=SQD ;soviet Giant Squid
26=DLPH ;allied Dolphin
27=SMCV ;soviet mcv
28=TNKD ;allied greman tank destroyer
;29=CARRIERB ;allied Aircraft Carrier Nimitz, unused
30=HOWI ;allied Howitzer, unused
;31=DREDB ;Soviet Dreadnought for Russians, unused
32=TTNK ;soviet Tesla Tank
33=HIND ;soviet Hind Transport, unused
34=LTNK ;yuri Lasher Light Tank
35=CMON ;allied chrono miner p1
36=CMIN ;allied chrono miner p2
37=SREF ;allied Prism Tank
38=XCOMET ;Not real unit
39=HYD ;soviet Sea Scorpion
40=MGTK ;allied Mirage Tank
41=FV ;allied IFV
42=DeathDummy ;dummy object
43=VLAD ;soviet Vladimir's Dreadnought, used in missions
44=DTRUCK ;soviet demo truck
45=PROPA ;civ Propaganda Truck
46=CONA ;civ Construction Excavator
47=COP ;civ Police Car
48=EUROC ;civ European Car A
49=LIMO ;civ limo
50=STANG ;civ Sports Car
51=SUVB ;civ Black Sport Utility Vehicle
52=SUVW ;civ White Sport Utility Vehicle
53=TAXI ;civ taxi
54=PTRUCK ;civ Pickup Truck
55=CRUISE ;civ Cruise Ship
56=TUG ;civ Tug Boat
57=CDEST ;civ Coast Guard Boat
58=YHVR ;Yuri Hover Transport
59=PCV ;Yuri Construction Vehicle
60=SMIN ;yuri Slave Miner p1
61=SMON ;yuri Slave Miner p2
62=YCAB ;civ Yellow Cab
63=YTNK ;yuri Gattling Tank
64=BFRT ;allied Battle Fortress
65=TELE ;yuri Magnetron
66=CAOS ;yuri Chaos Drone
67=DDBX ;civ british Double Decker Bus
68=BCAB ;civ Black Cab
69=BSUB ;Yuri Boomer sub
70=SCHP ;Soviet Siege Chopper
;71=DNOA ;unused
;72=DNOB ;unused
73=JEEP ;civ jeep
74=MIND ;yuri Master Mind
75=DISK ;yuri floating disk
76=UTNK ;unused, might be a weapon dummy
77=ROBO ;allied robot tank
78=YDUM ;unused
79=SCHD ;Soviet Siege Chopper Deployed
80=DOLY ;civ Hollywood Camera Dolly
81=CBLC ;civ Cable Car
82=FTRK ;civ Fire Truck
83=AMBU ;civ ambulance
84=CIVP ;Civ Plane

There are 45 used for team units, 3 specail and 32 are civilain.

Re-Worked This is a simple rework of the units list:

;allied units first
1=AMCV ;allied mcv
2=MTNK ;allied grizzly medium tank
3=TNKD ;allied greman tank destroyer
4=FV ;allied IFV
5=SREF ;allied Prism Tank
6=MGTK ;allied Mirage Tank
7=BFRT ;allied Battle Fortress
8=ROBO ;allied robot tank
9=CMON ;allied chrono miner p1
10=CMIN ;allied chrono miner p2
11=DLPH ;allied Dolphin
12=DEST ;allied destroyer/pys lancher
13=AEGIS ;allied Aegis Cruiser
14=CARRIER ;allied aircraft carrier
15=LCRF ;allied hover transport
16=SHAD ;allied night halk transport

;soviet units
17=SMCV ;soviet mcv
18=HARV ;soviet miner p1
19=HORV ;soviet miner p2
20=HTNK ;soviet rhino heavy tank
21=TTNK ;soviet Tesla Tank
22=V3 ;soviet V3 lancher
23=APOC ;soviet apocolips tank
24=ZEP ;soviet kirov
25=DRON ;soviet terror drone
26=HTK ;soviet flack track
27=DTRUCK ;soviet demo truck
28=SUB ;soviet sub
29=HYD ;soviet Sea Scorpion
30=DRED ;soviet drednought
31=SQD ;soviet Giant Squid
32=SAPC ;soviet hover transport
33=SCHP ;Soviet Siege Chopper
34=SCHD ;Soviet Siege Chopper Deployed

;yuri units
35=PCV ;Yuri Construction Vehicle
36=LTNK ;yuri Lasher Light Tank
36=SMIN ;yuri Slave Miner p1
38=SMON ;yuri Slave Miner p2
39=YTNK ;yuri Gattling Tank
40=TELE ;yuri Magnetron
41=CAOS ;yuri Chaos Drone
42=MIND ;yuri Master Mind
43=BSUB ;Yuri Boomer sub
44=YHVR ;Yuri Hover Transport
45=DISK ;yuri floating disk

46=XCOMET ;weap
47=DeathDummy ;weap
48=CIVP ;Civ Plane

;civ or unused
48=HIND ;soviet Hind Transport, unused
49=CAR ;civ car
50=BUS ;civ bus
51=WINI ;civ winabago
52=PICK ;civ pickup truck
53=TRUCKA ;civ truck
54=TRUCKB ;civ truck
55=VLAD ;soviet Vladimir's Dreadnought, used in missions
56=PROPA ;civ Propaganda Truck
57=CONA ;civ Construction Excavator
58=COP ;civ Police Car
59=EUROC ;civ European Car A
60=LIMO ;civ limo
61=STANG ;civ Sports Car
62=SUVB ;civ Black Sport Utility Vehicle
63=SUVW ;civ White Sport Utility Vehicle
64=TAXI ;civ taxi
65=PTRUCK ;civ Pickup Truck
66=CRUISE ;civ Cruise Ship
67=TUG ;civ Tug Boat
68=CDEST ;civ Coast Guard Boat
69=YCAB ;civ Yellow Cab
70=DOLY ;civ Hollywood Camera Dolly
71=CBLC ;civ Cable Car
72=FTRK ;civ Fire Truck
73=AMBU ;civ ambulance
74=JEEP ;civ jeep
75=UTNK ;unused
76=DDBX ;civ british Double Decker Bus
77=BCAB ;civ Black Cab
78=HOWI ;allied Howitzer, unused

Adding Extra Units
By re-placing or moving the civ and unused units you can gain an extra 34 units in your mod.

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