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RA2 Missions Argentina -English-

Submitted by ArgCmdr

Best way around to do it is opening th emap on wordpad, notepad or any text processing program that is not Microsoft Word or does not belong to any office type products (like Star Office).
Now open a file called rules.ini, which is in the game files You can either extract it using XCC Mixer (downloadable from or download it from several editing sites ( , look in downloads, misc.)
Once you have it search for that building you want to clone, CABUNK01. Copy all the entry (Section) Go to the map file opened in wordpad, and paste it, just be sure not to paste inside another section.
After that, type the following: [BuildingTypes] X=NEWNAMEOFSTRUCTURE Change the header name of the section you just pasted to suit your likes. Now replace with that name the above NAMEOFTHESTRUCTURE X is the next free number in the list in rules.ini. Use 1000 if you want.
Once this is done, go back to Final Alert 2. You will notice the building has not appeared or if it has, that whenever you try place the building, you will see a Power Plant. This is because the building list is re read after a new number is spotted so new entry nș one is assumed as copy of entry zero in the list. This however doesnt happen with units.
After this, place any building you will remember , and that hasnt been placed anywhere in the map before (say a Psychic Amplifier, or Sensor) where approximately you want to place the bunker.
Save the map
Close FA2
Open map in wordpad.
Search for the name of the section of the building you just placed, if you hadnt modded that structure, you will notice when using search feature that the string is inside a tag in [Structures] Now, delete that section name and change with the name of the section of the new structure you added.
Open back in FA2.
Now you will see the building, placed aproximately where you wanted it, however its not fully shown, sometimes you see the shadows, if there are active anims you see the anims, but not the building image itself.
Now in order not to repeat all that procedure, you can clone the building in the map by clicking on the structire, pressing SHIFT and clicking somewhere else, then move the new structure as usual.

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