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Make a Cameo for RA2 using Layer Blend (PSP)
Submitted by ArgCmdr

Ok, heres yet another cameo making tutorial, the third method we sponsor here. Layer blending is extremely simple, and its just based onto applying a lighting value determined by the HSL value of the pixel at X location. a thing that Paint Shop Pro has a function for ;)

First off, download this file, openable with PSP as its a .psp file

Then, create a new layer, and put it below the existant one in hierarchy (that is, the old one is visible over the new one).

Next, select your base image and copy it. After, paste it on the new layer.

Following that, select the old layer, open up the layer palette, and click on where it should say Normal. Thats the Layer Blend Mode Menu. Now put Screen in there.

Thats it! Fastest than ever huh? Now all you need to add is the bottom text line and the blue dots. If you think the bevel needs a correction, you can tune it down by setting the Blend mode back to normal, and changing the grayscales to be darker or lighter, or you can erase them so the effect is thinner.

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