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Add Oil Derrick logic to a structure
Submitted by ArgCmdr

This is a matter that is asked several times, and answered less and less each time because of that.

Basically people want to either edit Oil Derricks or add their functionality to other buildings, for example construction yards. The way to do so, is adding the three correspondant strings under the buildings section, plus a fourth and fifth one in case you want to have it:

ProduceCashStartup=X ; Change X for the ammount of credits you want the structure to provide when captured off Neutral -NOT OFF OTHER PLAYER -
ProduceCashAmount=Y ; Change Y for the ammount of cash it will produce...
ProduceCashDelay=Z ; ...Every Z frames (15 frames = 1 second)

Other additional strings are :

CaptureEvaEvent= EVA_OilRefineryCaptured ; which makes the correspondant EVA speech to be made upon capture
WorkingSound=OilDerrickLoop ; which makes sound to be played at the location of building as long as it is online.

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