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How to create patrols in multiplayer
Submitted by ArgCmdr

Its very basic to make a patrol, and easy to understand

Letīs start, build a taskforce.

Go to Edit -----> Taskforces

Now click on the above Add
Change the name to suit what you want, however what will get referenced is the HEX ID

Now, click on the below Add. You will see a line in the middle that says 1 GI.

To modify this, look for the below dropboxes and text box. Choose the number of units, and the type of units. (I.e 2,E2 (Conscripts))

Once you have what you want, go to Edit ------> Scripts

Now click on Add

You will have a new ID, name the script as you want.

Now select add (below)

Click on the dropbox, and select MPatrol To Waypoint.

You will see a parameter box below, the parameter is in this case, where the car will move. The parameter must be a valid numerical waypoint, or it will cause an Internal Error, and eventually crash the game. To mark up a new waypoint, go to the editor main screen, to the tree of options to the left side, click on Waypoints, and then Add New waypoints (Remember that in multiplayer maps, Waypoints 0-7 are reserved for player locations. be sure not using any of these at all for this kind of idea, and make sure you dont create these if they arent needed)

Now, you must make the unit guard. Click on the below Add, then on the number of the new script action. Then on the dropbox and select Guard Area. Parameter is again, time units. Lets set 15, for example.

Up to now, the unit will go to a point seeking for enemies in its sight radius and stop for a while. Now we have to make it move to another place and guard as well, plus making it a loop.

We set a new Patrol to waypoint instruction to another waypoint (which might as well be the one where unit is spawned).

Set a new Guard Area instruction, with the time units you want as parameter (best would be the same as the other guard area instruction)

Finally, add a las instruction, which is Jump to Line. This one is used to create loops. as parameter, set 1, which will point to the first line in the script.

Now go to Edit ----> Teams

Click on New, name it, and check Autocreate below. Look at the dropboxes. Where it says Taskforce, select the one you made above, same goes for script. On waypoint, write the waypoint in which you want the units spawned at (For constant patrols, you may want to use the second waypoint you specified in the script). And be sure, that in the House dropbox, you have chosen Civilian

Now create a trigger to fire it:

Go to Edit -----> Trigger Editor

Click on New Trigger, and name it as you wish, on Owner, choose Civilian
Go to events, Click on New Event and choose when you want it t happen. As example, lets use when 10 seconds have passed. Select Event 13 and as parameter (box below) write 10
Go to Actions, click on New Action, and select Action 80. This action spawns a teamtype at the specified waypoint. Select the team type as first parameter (the one u made above) and then select waypoint (should be same as set in the Team, or glitches can occur). Once thats done, Save the map

Once you run the game, and after 10 seconds, two civilian owned conscripts should be spawned where you specified and move to the two points you specified, awaiting for a specific ammount of time on each waypoint you told them to patrol to.

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