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RA2 Missions Argentina -English-

Make a subterrainean unit
Submitted by ArgCmdr

I know this is explained everywhere, but i need it here so i can refer people to this tut (which should be short enough for them to understand correctly). Plus, im bored to death.

What you need:

Dig Animation

Basically youll need to:

Add a DIG entry in art.ini
Make unit use subterrainean locomotor
Attach DIG animation to dig action

First off, lets suppose you have coded your unit. The only things you have to change, basically (others may be needed for certain purposes, but this just shows how to make a unit go underground...), are:


Then, hop to [AudioVisual], and change:

DigSound= ; to whatever sound you want to use. Include the old TS one if you see it fit.

Add DIG to the end of the animations list, i.e:


Save & Close rulesmd.ini / rules.ini

Open artmd.ini / art.ini

Add this somewhere:


There you go, all you need to do is add DIG.SHP to a mix file, or in the launcher, and it should basically work.

*Notice that in RA2, the Nuke Siren is linked to the DigSound= and you have to work it around by giving animations a Report= line in art.ini*

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