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Making a Technician / Mechanic
Submitted by Psycho

As you know, a mechanic infantry was available in Deezire mod via game hack, who is infantry type but has ability to repair vehicles with repairbullet weapon. But it was available only as free unit with service depot as requisite. This time you can build it from the barracks. Here is how to make a infantrytype technician, which can repair both vehicles and structures (heal structure, not as engineer) with its weapon.

First of all open the Rules(md).ini file and now you have to make an technician infantry as normal infantry coding. Dont give the technician any weapon right now. We'll first make a weapon for the technician to heal vehicle and structures. Suppose the heal weapon is 'RepairWrench'. Now we write a weapon code for 'RepairWrench'.

Damage=1 ;This is for how much heal the weapon will do. Its positive value actually ;dont damage but heal due to the warhead we are going to make. We set ;the heal damage to only 1 to do a delay heal by another part of the ;weapon, we are not actually doing heal with the damage code. the ;technitian should need some times to repair damaged parts, right ?
ROF=80 ;As usual, rate of fire
Range=1.8 ;Dont decrease the value, lower than this value can cause technical problems
Projectile=Invisible ;Invisible projectile
Speed=100 ;As usual
Report=IFVRepair ;Welding sound ;Now we can add a little sparking effects by the followings
;Now we add the warhead named 'WrenchTool', this warhead is the key of healing.

The weapon code is finished. Now we will write a warhead 'WrenchTool' for the weapon.

Verses=0%,0%,0%,-100%,-100%,-100%,-50%,-50%,-50%,100%,0% ;The versus against vehicles and structures are set to negative values. So instead of getting damage, the vehicles and structures will get heal. Now we will add an animation which is used for the final healing.

As we added a new animation so we must add the animation TECHHEAL to [Animations] list in the Rules(md).ini file. Now we jump to Art(md).ini and add the followings codes for that animation

[TECHHEAL] ;Dummy Anim, to hold Repair Particle

The animtion TECHHEAL is now spawning a particle 'RepairTick' which we'll use as heal particle.

We hop back to the Rules(md).ini file and add the following


Here we are now actually doing 50 heal damage since the particle sharing same negative damage warhead 'WrenchTool'. The weapon coding is finished. Now go to the technitian code and add the following three lines :

Also change some codes as following
IFVMode=1 ;Repair IFV mode

Now, you have a fully functional technician infantry. During game technician will be available in the infantry tab and you can now build technicians from the barracks. To heal any of your vehicle or structure first select the technicians, now move cursor over damaged vehicle or structure, you will get attack cursor over it. Now click the mouse and the technitian will go near it and repair with its weapon. Remember u can also repair enemy vehicles or structures because the game system will suppose the weapon as normal damaging weapon.

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