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Yuri's Revenge Multiplayer Maps
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No pic available
A semi-urban map, with derricks, and etc.(2 players, urban)
Author: Malc
Size: 45 KB
No pic available
A map with hedgehogs, craters, barricades, etc. Pure War. (2-5, urban)
Author: Malc
Size: 46 KB
No pic available
An island under the White army control. (2-4, Temperate)
Author: Kirovbane
Size: 56 KB
No pic available
Small map, for quick games, with some tech buildings. (2, Urban/Temperate)
Author: Unidentifiedname
Size: 28 KB
Night big map witha huge civilian Yuri base at the middle. Funny, i tested it myself. (2-8, Urban/Temperate)
Author: Mr Berry
Size: 121 KB
A very nice detailed desert map, classic four-corner, with special buildings and reinforcements (2-4, desert)
Author: Fhased87
Size: 60 KB
No pic available
Well planned, themed in the D-Day in World War II, where the only way to win is with massive landings on the beach of the opponent (2-4, Temperate)
Author: Agent 7249
Size: 131 KB
This map has you starting out in an easily defendable area. Each player is on his own island linked by bridges to one central island. (2-6, Snow)
Author: Airasslt
Size: 160 KB
The map has a story explained in a readme, adding a lot of features to the map (2-6, Desert)
Author: Airasslt
Size: 264 KB
A classic non-event map, very well designed.(2-6 Temperate)
Author: Mir4dor
Size: 131 KB
4 Corners, the only way to attack is a disembark. (2-4, Snow)
Author: Beyketb
Size: 126 KB
A nice valley, with plenty of resources. (2-8, Temperate)
Author: Mir4dor
Size: 113 KB
Small coloured map with little resources and Naval posibilities. (2-4, Temperate)
Author: Mir4dor
Size: 122 KB
Convoys travel through the map leaving crates, ideal map for Team Alliance. (2-4, Snow)
Author: Dark Desolator
Size: 123 KB
A nice lunar map, with a civilian base in the middle, and ore by crates. (2-4, Lunar)
Author: Psychic Eagle
Size: 82 KB
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