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Yuri's Revenge Multiplayer Maps
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Naval access for everybody, though the guy in the fifth location wont be happy... (2-5, Temperate)
Author: Tucker Kao
Size: 107 KB
Another "Naval access" map with plenty of ore for long wars. (2-5, Temperate)
Author: Tucker Kao
Size: 129 KB
Highly modded map, no refineries available, and structures give free units. Details inside. (2, Snow)
Author: ArgCmdr
Size: 54 KB
An isolated Iraq with urbanization surrounding the rivers (2-4, desert)
Author: Educuevas
Size: 155 KB
Pretty nice detailed and resourceful town. Though cold, eh? (2, snow)
Author: Educuevas
Size: 79 KB
A modified version of DC Uprising, that includes the Pentagon and other features (2-6, Urban)
Author: Educuevas
Size: 127 KB
A lunar map with special rules. Theres no active AI (i disabled it), so this can be only played online properly. Read the documentation inside for more info. (2-8. Lunar)
Author: ArgCmdr
Size: 136 KB
Nicely detailed map, with civilian buildings in a large outpost in the middle (2-6, Snow)
Author: Natus
Size: 201 KB
Field camp, with several laked and a tech building center to conquer. (2-8, Temperate)
Author: Natus
Size: 387 KB
This map has the players on opposite sides of a Tropical Island. On the map there is plenty of ore and has 4 Tech Oil Derricks. Also has an airport. (2, Temperate)
Author: dawoop3
Size: 240 KB
This map is best played as a Team Alliance map. Plenty of resources and everyone is given a tech drill at game start. (2-6, Temperate)
Author: dawoop3
Size: 379 KB
This map has plenty of resources. Enough Ore and Mineral and Tech Oil Derricks. 2 Airports and 2 Machine Shops (not on RA2 version) (2-4, Temperate)
Author: dawoop3
Size: 262 KB
A pretty nice duel map, with plenty of ore (2, Snow)
Author: ReaKon
Size: 156 KB
Great accessibility on this symmetric type of map (2-4, Temperate)
Author: dawoop3
Size: 288 KB
Excellently detailed map for duels, rwo ore patches and three bridges (2, Temperate)
Author: ReaKon
Size: 80 KB
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