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Yuri's Revenge Multiplayer Maps
Multiplayer Maps | Single Player Maps
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A big forest with unique paths to bases, a civilian base in the middle and semi-random patrols (2-6, Snow)
Author: Dark Desolator
Size: 125 KB
4 symmetrical bases surrounded by maze of cliffs. Free Oils both at base and in maze. More Tech scattered around. 2 Free Grand Cannons and power for eveyone (2-4, Urban)
Author: Dark Desolator
Size: 117 KB
4 bases around a lake with an island inside and several tech buildings on it (2-4, Temperate)
Author: DontMindIfIDo
Size: 59 KB
A map full of ore with a river in the middle to use naval forces, with also some tech buildings. (2, Temperate)
Author: DontMindIfIDo
Size: 70 KB
Excellent Map for Team Alliance, playes excellent, overall awesome quality. (2-8, Temperate)
Author: Mir4dor
Size: 167 KB
A large map well detailed easy to defend, with many chole points and structures with new functions . (2-8, Temperate/Urban)
Author: Dark Desolator
Size: 183 KB
Small 4 player map surrounded by thick forest. Walls around your base. Pre-Built Defenses at base. Tech AirStrip in centre. Hostile ParaDrops into map . (2-4, Snow)
Author: Dark Desolator
Size: 78 KB
A big island map, ideal for Naval War mode (2-8, Temperate)
Author: Zispin
Size: 202 KB
This map represents the Italian Territory. Severalk Tech buildings around (2-4, Temperate)
Author: Attardbarbini
Size: 172 KB
4 corners connected to a center defended by forces from the 3 armies (2-4, Snow)
Author: Attardbarbini
Size: 173 KB
4 corners with small islands around with several tech buildings (2-4, Desert)
Author: Attardbarbini
Size: 202 KB
No pic available
Snow map with a neutral soviet base in the middle and good ore around. (2-6, Snow)
Author: Red Eagle
Size: 91 KB
This village has expert technicians which have enhanced Power Plants and Oil Derricks, making them more useful. (2-4 Snow)
Author: SEAL
Size: 116 KB
All players have an OilDerrick and Two bridges are the only entrance to bases. More Tech Buildings in the middle. (2-4, Snow)
Author: Mir4dor
Size: 74 KB
A new desert map, quite good detailed, Classic 4 corner map. (2-4, Desert)
Author: Mir4dor
Size: 160 KB
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