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The Russian TU-16 Badger Bomber
Size:142 KB

Cool Vxl
Nice stilized and futuristic looking. Click on image to see the ingame shot. From the The Unfinished Mod Discordia
Size:10 KB

I really liked this vxl. Reminded me to the old Orca Fighter. From the Unfinished Mod Discordia.
Size:145 KB

Rawlo didn't give me all the names of the vxls, so i used the j.d instead =P. Very cool looking. Click on image to see a bigger screenshot
Size:11,7 KB

This awesome vxl reminds me a lot to the orbital fighter from Incoming. Very good details.
Size:7,48 KB

What can i say about this? Quality work.
Size:16,1 KB

This incredibly detailed and high quality vxl was made from a concept art i found on the Internet called Manta Hornet.
Size:18 KB

This is a small vxl, probably to use as a scout.
Size:5,73 KB

This is a Colonial Battlestar as seen in Battlestar Galactica.
Size:160 KB

This is the Orca Firehawk from C&C3 Tiberium Wars.
Size:12 KB

A MiG-21 Fishbed fighter with included missile projectile.
Author: Conman
Size: 22 KB

A MiG-31 Firefox fighter (no relation to the browser). Comes in both light and dark versions.
Author: Conman
Size: 156 KB

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