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An allied version of the BMP. It is a fast armored infantry vehicle which carries 5 infantry and a 90mm anti-armor cannon for defense.
Size:34 KB

Soviet Version of the AXTNK
Size:29 KB

MobileR edited to include Dredmissiles
Size:37 KB

A great voxel from a TJFrame concept art, the Quad Track.
Size:20 KB

A pack of 4 new looking cars (though based off Westwoods)
Author: ArgCmdr
Size:49 KB

Taxis painted: yellow roof, and black body (Arg standard). Seemingly more attractive than the RA2 ones .
Author: ArgCmdr
Size:21 KB

Allied schemed and armored looking tank
Author: Alasz11
Size:19 KB

Comes in various camouflage sets, a british Challenger tank.
Author: Chriz
Size:102 KB

A renegade Nod Harvester and a TD GDI one, with alternate stances.
Author: Chriz
Size:50 KB

A french Le Clerc in various camouflages.
Author: Chriz
Size:103 KB

A Leopard tank in various camouflages
Author: Chriz
Size:104 KB

Some sort of Allied Bike with a Tesla Gun in the front.
Author: Cykique
Size:53 KB

Allied Schemed Mech on tracks with two frightening cannons
Author: Cykique
Size:51 KB

Almost all-remapped rail launcher, compact and armored looking.
Size:25 KB

an M1A1 Abrams in Allied colors
Size:40 KB

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