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A huge tank with a double Grand turret
Size:109 KB

A TS looking Chemical Tank with the toxic depots in the back
Size:44 KB

The same huge tank above but with just one barrel.
Size:95 KB

An M109 Paladin Artillery in allied colors.
Size:76 KB

A big and double barrelled Allied Tank.
Author: Quaker
Size:95 KB

Yet another Abrams, big sized and allied schemed.
Author: Quaker
Size:89 KB

An AA soviet colored tank with fixed turret.
Author: Quaker
Size:95 KB

An ultra big load of voxels within this pack, tanks, mini Kirov, a lot.
Author: Raminator
Size:123 KB

A nicely normalised Artillery in allied scheme.
Author: T34 Sam
Size:85 KB

Nicely modelled tank, specially the tracks. Useable for an allied heavy tank.
Author: T34 Sam
Size:81 KB

Totally new modelled Allied Tank, with a repair arm in the back.
Author: T34 Sam
Size:85 KB

The Pre-release Allied Tank, pretty well made .
Author: T34 Sam
Size:137 KB

A small Soviet APC with a big gun above.
Author: T34 Sam
Size:72 KB

Light but armored looking soviet tank, nicely normalised .
Author:T34 Sam
Size:69 KB

A request made for Rattuskid, was supposed to be a tank that deployed into a tank bunker or similar.
Author:T34 Sam
Size:105 KB

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