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A vehicle porting a container, in allied scheme
Size:12 KB

Cyks Artmech, i can say it either hovers or is a monocycle
Size:15 KB

An animated Mech with two missile bays above
Size:13 KB

Some sort of wheel with an edge in yuri scheme.
Size:5 KB

Looks like a Dune Leech rather than a vehicle, but is supposed to hover.
Author: Cykique
Size:8 KB

A Subterranean vehicle, maybe a transport, maybe an Anti Personnel.
Author: Cykique
Size:20 KB

That, a Hover MCV in allied scheme.
Author: Cykique
Size:27 KB

A Small Tank with a weirded up barrel, in allied scheme..
Author: Cykique
Size:9 KB

Some sort of Ballista or similar, in allied scheme.
Author: Cykique
Size:14 KB

A giant gun on giant wheels! In allied scheme
Author: Cykique
Size:14 KB

A LUAZ jeep in soviet scheme, compact and cute
Author: Big Jah
Size:8 KB

A new allied scheme vehicle with remapable back lights.
Author: ArgCmdr
Size:8 KB

A newly modelled recon bike, allied, yuri and soviet versions
Author: Big Jah
Size:43 KB

A soviet schemed supply / transport truck.
Author:Big Jah
Size:61 KB

Soviet schemed version of the Allied RA1 Ranger
Size:17 KB

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