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The Soviet Bomb Mech travels at a slow speed and has fairly weak armour, but it's destructive power is awesome.
Author:Rolling Light
Size:178 KB

This is The "Turtle Miner". It's supposed to be a harvester.
Author:Rolling Light
Size:93 KB

This is a tank in Yuri scheme.
Author:Rolling Light
Size:166 KB

An Enourmous Tank! Very very big. Nicely detailed. This would work as a land fortress. Comes in 2 different versions and includes art coding.
Size:492 KB

Cool Vxl
Nice stilized made for AA purposes. A very good job. From the The Unfinished Mod Discordia
Author: Rawlo
Size:24,9 KB

Good looking heavy tank. Golden schemed. From the The Unfinished Mod Discordia.
Author: Rawlo
Size:16,2 KB

Nice looking artillery. It has no name, but i call it like that.
Author: Rawlo
Size:27,6 KB

Nicely done alien black tank. I like this a lot, again it has no name. From the Unfinished Mod Discordia
Author: Rawlo
Size:21,2 KB

This is an amazingly detailed Vxl.
Impressive looking, although it's huge. Click on the image to see it bigger
Author: Rawlo
Size:33,4 KB

A cool double barreled tank. Might work as anti-personnel tank perhaps?
Author: Rawlo
Size:16,8 KB

Somehow this tank reminded me to the artillery on Star Wars. Nicely detailed. Would work best as a hover tank, just look at the pic
Author: Rawlo
Size:11 KB

I love this Vxl! very alienish..(¿?). Black schemed.
Author: Rawlo
Size:12,2 KB

This could work as scout speeder or an attack bike.
Author: Rawlo
Size:13,9 KB

Another cool voxel from discordia, a hover alien tank. Nice Details
Size:11,6 KB

This is a pack of vxls that never made it to final stage. From the Mod Discordia. NOTE: If you're going to use this a a base for your assets you MUST credit Rawlo and the Discordia Team.
Size:84,3 KB

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