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A soviet looking tank with a little repair arm in a turret
Size:42 KB

A Yuri schemed tank with a small turret above
Size:54 KB

A soviet schemed truck with a missile launcher at the back
Size:71 KB

An allied schemed truck with a missile launcher at the back.
Size:64 KB

An allied schemed truck with a missile launcher at the back.
Author: DarkDuel
Size:62 KB

Modeled from RA2 Concept Art - Quad Anti-Air Unit.
Author: Me2
Size:27 KB

(All-Terrain Roland Missile Ground Unit) Modeled from a Robotech ground unit. The turret is too big to be rotated so I merged it to the body.
Author: Me2
Size:40 KB

Made completely from scratch. A good replacement for the Grizzly Tank for the Allies.
Author: Me2
Size:29 KB

A Mecha from me2´s own concept. It has two turrets one which has a gun and missile pod and the other has only a missle pod. (Click on pic to enlarge).
Author: Me2
Size:147 KB

Supposed to be modeled from the old IFV. But It didn't turn out to look like it.
Author: Me2
Size:16 KB

Modeled from the Gepard Tank. It has Dual AA Gun which is good against Aircrafts.
Author: Me2
Size:35 KB

This was done by a request intended for an Anti-Air Purpose.
Author: Me2
Size:39 KB

A stealth tank from Renegade.
Author: Me2
Size:37 KB

A Rocket Buggy. It Has a turret containing 6 TOW missile. A fast & light armored unit intended for a hit-and-run tactics.
Size:19 KB

A Soviet Multi-Rocket Unit
Size:30 KB

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