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A nicely modelled and normalised Chem Spray Tank with the toxin tanks in the back.
Size:37 KB

The Demolisher from WH40K Series.
Size:62 KB

The Howitzer in correct allied colors and correct normals.
Size:26 KB

The howitzer in the game but with 3 (!!) barrels .
Size:30 KB

A truck with a Harpy on the back.
Author: WeeRaby2K
Size:32 KB

With great normals, a great model. Excellent Hummer vehicle..
Author: WeeRaby2K
Size:60 KB

Mixing IFV and other voxels, and with a triple barreled gun. Frightening
Author: WeeRaby2K
Size:20 KB

The Inferno Tank from Generals, greatly normalised.
Author: WeeRaby2K
Size:29 KB

Name says it all, an Iron Curtain device mounted on this tank.
Author: WeeRaby2K
Size:34 KB

A hovering drone, suitable for a Soviet Robot Tank Green schemed jeep, nicely detailed.
Author: WeeRaby2K
Size:15 KB

The Mad Dog from MechWarrior
Author: WeeRaby 2K
Size:69 KB

Another Mech like unit called Mad Dog but hovering
Author: WeeRaby2K
Size:153 KB

A truck carrying an orca, extremely well normalised
Author: WeeRaby2K
Size:150 KB

The Chinese Overlord tank from Generals.
Size:42 KB

A big fat powerful tank in soviet scheme
Size:33 KB

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