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A soviet schemed BM-13 Katyusha rocket launcher with soviet details and excellent normals.
Size:11 KB

Voxel for this armored infantry combat vehicle (aka M-1967)
Size:13 KB

Greatly normalised Chrono Prison voxel, from the concept art.
Size:19 KB

GDI Humvee from Tiberium Dawn with its details.
Size:9 KB

Call it HMMMV, Humvee, is the voxel is awesome. Light vehicle, great normals.
Author: Godwin
Size:8 KB

Nod´s TD/Renegade Buggy, again an awesome normals and modelling job.
Author: Godwin
Size:8 KB

The howitzer in the game in allied scheme but with two barrels
Author: HighGround
Size:44 KB

Can work out for a Mobile War Factory or an MCV, excellent details in it.
Author: HighGround
Size:43 KB

A light Tank based on the Lasher Tank.
Author: HighGround
Size:54 KB

Reminisences to the RA1 APC? Yes, its the RA1 one in allied scheme.
Author: HighGround
Size:17 KB

An AA APC in allied scheme
Author: HighGround
Size:24 KB

Another MRLS, this one in allied camouflage.
Author: HighGround
Size:20 KB

If its not the only MRJ voxel available, let a ray be casted on me. Title says what it is.
Author: HighGround
Size:16 KB

The pre-Release all remap V3 Launcher .
Size:29 KB

Using Mirage´s base, has a built spherical turret.
Size:48 KB

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