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A nice Yuri looking vehicle, that has a multi gattling cannon in the center.
Size:26 KB

A nice Yuriish tank that has a downtrack and its curved nicely
Size:19 KB

A new model for the Demolition Truck
Size:26 KB

A Multi Launch Rocket System that has a Chrono Equipment.
Size:18 KB

A cool artillery model, that has a 45º cannon in the center.
Author: Napalm
Size:19 KB

A new V3 launcher with a yellow rocket. Includes all Voxels needed plus rules and art coding.
Author: Brute51
Size:35 KB

A Big tank that can deploy into a structure covered up with sandbags like a defensive turret
Author: Brute51
Size:47 KB

A hover futuristic vehicle that fires a bouncing missile and hovers as well.
Author: Brute51
Size:30 KB

A Yuri schemed vehicle that has a charging turret that fires grenades that spawns a poisonous gas..
Author: Brute51
Size:51 KB

A powerful looking soviet schenmed tank with barrel animation, the barrel gets longer when its loaded and shorter when just fired
Author: Brute51
Size:50 KB

A fast looking vehicle with a big dual-machine gun turret, in allied scheme
Author: Daz
Size:46 KB

A light looking unit, with a mounted cannon in the turret, in allied scheme.
Author: Daz
Size:20 KB

Another fast light looking unit, in soviet scheme this time, and with a short cannon.
Author: Daz
Size:40 KB

A triple barreled tank with some chem spray containers at the back, on a Nod Scheme.
Size:39 KB

An allied looking unit with what appears to be a fuel container and a flamethrower
Size:49 KB

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