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Another big tank by Gaffel!. Very nice concept. Includes cameos, sounds and art coding
Size:374 KB

An amazingly modelled tank made by lefthand. 10/10 .
Size:10 KB

A cool voxel from Gamemate. Nice Details
Size:86,9 KB

Nicely done tank, good details, soviet schemed .
Size:131 KB

Nicely done Repair Truck. It looks a lot like one of the vxls hosted here, although this is shorter version. A good work from Gaffel.

Author: Gaffel
Size:231 KB

This is a Chrono Transport for the Allies, looks good .

Author: Voxred Master
Size:56 KB

An Argentinian Police car in blue colors.

Author: Tobias_boon_46/OmegaFire
Size:60 KB

An Allied-schemed tank - good replacement for the Grizzly.

Author: Conman
Size:77 KB

Another Allied-schemed tank..

Author: Conman
Size:87 KB

A Soviet Heavy tank loosely based on the leftover voxel in the game files..

Author: Conman
Size:78 KB

An improved version of the Allied Grizzly Tank..

Author: Conman
Size:88 KB

An improved version of the Soviet Rhino Tank..

Author: Conman
Size:76 KB

An Allied-schemed Leopard Tank..

Author: Conman
Size:92 KB

A voxelised version of the Chinese Overlord Tank from Generals. Two alternative turrets are also included..

Author: Conman
Size:103 KB

Another Allied-schemed tank..

Author: Conman
Size:98 KB

A large Soviet-schemed tank. Comes in double and triple-barrelled versions..

Author: Conman
Size:137 KB

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